A huge Homeless in Seattle HUG to Erica Medina for putting on her 4th FEEL GOOD project with Facing Homelessness this last Monday, this was a beautiful happening, wowWOW!!! 

The event was such a total community success. We want to take a quick moment to THANK a few of the many that made this possible. Molly’shttp://www.trymollys.com/ donated (450) organic nutritious delicious wraps & sandwiches!!! Mary-Pauline and Margot of the Urban RESTstop, usually closed on Mondays, opened their doors for folks to get their hair washed and take a shower if they wanted!!! ROOTS gave up two parking stalls in an already parking scarce neighborhood, giving us room in the alley to make this happen!!! Chris McElroy gave his time and talents to video the event, can’t wait to see another of his ever creative work!!! AND, Erika Schultz of the Seattle Times spread the word through her beautiful photography. 


To Linda MCCoy http://www.newseattlemassage.com/index.html, Sarah Steilen, and Beth O’Harra, for giving their healing touch through massage, so much kindness and LOVE in each of them!!! AND, of course, to those that cut&styled hair, Erica Medina, Laura Baumgartner, Sabrina in the U-Temple office, and our very own Margie Quinn!!!

There were many others that came with donations, support, smiles, and lotsANDlots of LOVE; it was a community effort! 

All of this LOVE happened because oneWOMAN with oneIDEA stepped forward to make a difference for those in need. Another heartfelt THANK YOU to you Erica for sharing your big heart. 

University neighborhood | Rex

Please meet the veryVERY nice young man Leroy Haigler, he is so very nice, every time I am with him I say to myself, this is such a very nice young man! 

Leroy is 19 yrs old, he’s had a tough childhood, the kind of tough that is hard to imagine, he arrived four days ago from his home in Philadelphia, came here to create something beautiful, says he’s good at writing music, spent the first night riding Metro buses all night as he had no place to sleep, the second night at the ROOTS shelter, the third at Orion Youth Care, and last night again at the ROOTS shelter in the University District.

This morning Margie picked him up and brought him to the REAL CHANGE breakfast, Leroy was one of the (5) folks that you all paid for in yesterday’s post, he loved it, was all smiles, said THANKS!

Leroy told me he needs to find work, said he would do pretty much anything, I asked him if he likes to cook, he said in a screeching voice, “Cook?!” I thought in that moment he was going to say to me are you kidding, but instead he said, “I love cooking, for the longest time I wanted to go to cooking school, to the Cordon Bleu, to learn to be a chef.” I told him about Fare Start and what a great program they have, he couldn’t stop smiling, he is so excited to go through their orientation and get going with learning.

If anyone can help out, Leroy is in need of a pants (jeans or casual pants, size 36x32), underwear (briefs), a few shirts (dress & t-shirts, medium shirt size, he thinks neck is a 16-17), & undershirts (tank-top type). 

You can ship or drop-off to the Facing Homelessness office at 1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle WA 98105.

Welcome to Seattle Leroy! A community size LOVE to you as you go about making this your new home. 

University neighborhood | Rex

Brandon came to the office yesterday with a great deal of gratitude for the kindness shown to him by all of you, he talked about the difficulties of living on the street, how those who are addicted, and suffering, can pull you back in, but with just a little bit of distance, with just a little clarity, you can see that you don’t want to live that way, that there is so much to live for, that there is an alternative to despair, hopelessness, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. 

Brandon is currently sleeping in his truck, has a part-time job down near the old Rainier Brewery building, would love to find a room for rent through the end of the year, hopes to move in with a good friend in February. If anyone has a place, Brandon can afford about $400 per month, $500 if it includes utilities.

We ALL believe in you Brandon, much LOVE to you in your new journey back here in your Seattle home!

Industrial neighborhood | Rex

Please meet Juanita Todd, 39 yrs old, of the Chippewa Cree Tribe, and her 10 yr old son Xavier John Starr. I did not get to meet Xavier’s father Kenny Todd, 49 yrs old, as he was flying a sign to make gas money for the car they are living in.

Six years ago yesterday, while living in Missoula Mountana, Xavier was hit by a truck, rushed to the ER, while there a large mass in his chest was discovered, t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Juanita will tell you that the truck that hit her son saved his life.

Xavier was admitted to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he underwent treatment and has been in remission since. They are here again in Seattle for Xavier’s checkup; next checkup is December 31st. Meanwhile they are living in a car. 

Xavier is one of those old souls, he would melt your heart if you met him. As you chat, you go back and forth between how very young he is, how much of a little boy, and then to all that he is dealing with. Everything gets so complicated so quick. They need gas money to avoid getting parking tickets and then getting towed. Here is a link for those that would like to contribute to HinS buying some gas-cards. 


Juanita and Xavier both get $721 from SSI a month, Kenny gets no assistance other than what he can make holding a sign, altogether they could afford around $1,000.00 a month for housing. If there is a caseworker in our community that could be of help, please get in touch with us. They would want to be in a NOdrug environment. 

Sending LOVE to your little family Juanita, you and your son Xavier are so very beautiful together! 

University District | Rex

Please meet James Brady, he’s 49 yrs old, for the last month he’s been sleeping in the woods above Elliot Avenue, he’s been sleeping there because he had everything stolen from him.

James has a crazy sad story of having been tricked (5) months ago into leaving Boston to look for work first in Los Angeles and then Seattle, once here, the person who came with him stole all he had and then took off, leaving him alone with nothing. 

Jill Vance of the Bridge Care Center has gotten to know James and called us to ask if we could help him get back to Boston.

James has had a tough past but that is behind him, he’s been clean of drugs for the last (15) years, right now he just wants to go home, his dad has cancer and he hopes to see him before he dies. 

A train from Seattle to Boston on Amtrak’s Empire Builder line costs $280.00, it’s about half off because the route used has significant delays due to cargo trains also using the same line.

Homeless in Seattle is hoping to raise $300 for James so that he can make this trip home, (30) folks pitching in just $10 makes it happen.


Wishing you well James!

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Under-statement of the day. 

Joe Perry is lucky to be alive; his friends found him unconscious, tried to revive him, heart-attack, was out for about 6 minutes, emergency unit saved him just at the last moment. 

He was in the hospital for over a month, tubes & wires hooked up to & in him everywhere, when visiting him the first time he couldn’t talk, he had to scribble responses on a hand held white board.

While in the hospital his camper was impounded & sold; his wife Angel had no place to go, started sleeping under the Ballard Bridge. 

Sad-statement of the year.

Angel is suffering in a reallyREALLY bad way. She has schizophrenia along with a host of other mental illnesses, is off her methadone and back to using heroin, is as vulnerable as anyone I have seen on the street, she NEEDS to be inside getting loving care now. 

If you believe that we are all connected in some spiritual way, as I do, if you believe that homelessness is a situation that results NOT from chose but rather from a myriad of conditions that have happened to a person, as I do, if you believe that we can end homelessness, as I do, then please work to find your own place in this issue, whether it is to JUST SAY HELLO, or buy the REAL CHANGE newspaper, or start a dinner table conversation, or some small or big personal project to make a difference. 

Think of the beautiful people like Joe and Angel that you ARE connected to and let’s get busy changing the negative stereotype against homelessness.

THANKS for letting me rant&rave for just a short bit there, it has been very emotional seeing Angel suffer through it all.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex


Please meet Ayona, she’s 38 yrs old, single mom, two children 17 & 11 yrs old, she’s enrolled at North Seattle Community College, has a 3.8 GPA, getting ready to apply to the UofW as a Biochemistry major.

I asked Ayona why Biochem, she said she is borderline OCD and suffers from some depression and that chemistry has always calmed her, that she is smart and this is something she can do really well. 

Oh, did I forget to tell you that she served 4 yrs in the Navy and now works full-time for a records retrieval company in Seattle; she skips lunch to get home to her kids early, commute is 2 hrs each way.

Now the crummy part, because of life stresses, she dropped out of NSCC two semesters ago because her grades dipped just a little, she knows she needs to keep it at a 3.8 GPA or above to get into the UW. 

Now the reallyREALLY crummy part, the three of them live in a motel room, $2,400 a month, she makes $2,100, the difference each month has been made up by kindness of friends and others. 

All of that came to an end yesterday, the motel will no longer float between paychecks, so they are out without. 

You are a beautiful woman Ayona, hang in there my friend.

Kenmore neighborhood | Rex

Toni Fox came into the office yesterday to pick up her mail, she had a big smile on her face that she was trying hard to hide. 

I asked her what was up, she said, “Well, I am not going to be getting mail here much longer”, and I said, “WHAT, why?” Then she let it out, she said, “I got housing!!!” 

Toni has been on this inspiring journey of positiveCHANGE, so many beautiful plans out in front of her. She found housing through the DSHS HEN program, she’s enrolling in the Everest College for massage therapy and then hopes to get a scholarship to go to the UW for a physical therapy degree, and AND, she’s been clean and sober, doing one day at a time, wowWOW! 

Earlier, when Toni called to make sure we were here, she said she was coming to get mail and that she was bringing a six-pack with her, after me biting and saying something like, “not going to happen”, she laughed, told me she’s been working out, roller-skating around Green Lake, that she’s getting her six-pack of abs back!

A bigBIG hug of CONGRATULATIONS to you Toni from everyone here in the Homeless in Seattle community, you’re on such a positive beautiful journey!!!

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Please meet Todd Anthony Kline, he’s 52 yrs old, born and raised here, grew up in the Sunset Hills neighborhood in Ballard.

Ten months ago he had the good fortune of getting housing in The Morrison, a DESC building for those who are disabled and homeless, located at Third & Yesler. Before that Todd had been living on the street for 6 years.

He has been disabled for the last 15 years with a host of health problems, including reactive arthritis, carpel tunnel, rotator-cuff tear, bad knees, foot problems, and more. He said everything in his life has been affected by his health, everything except for his attitude!

When visiting Todd’s apartment you will see his art up on the walls, he’s hoping to get back into painting but cannot afford art supplies at this time. Homeless in Seattle wants to surprise him with a couple hundred dollars of supplies at Daniel Smith Art to get him going!

Please donate a small amount on this Paypal link that will go to purchasing a gift card for Todd. THANKS!!!


Downtown neighborhood | Rex

On July 1st, around 3:00 AM, the very sweet & lovely Trixie Conlon quietly passed away; her best and only friend Mark Kamb was at her side till the end, hardly anyone else will miss her. 

Mark called early in the morning on the first with a shaky voice, I said, “Mark, are you okay?” He said, “No, Trixie died”, then he started to cry, telling me he didn’t know what to do, that he lost his only friend in the world.

Trixie was 60 years old and I can tell you she had a twinkle in her eye, a mixture of kindness and mischievousness, and even though her health was failing and she was confined to a wheelchair because of a spider bite gone bad, she still had a beautiful hope and optimism about her. I can tell you that this woman had a shining spirit to her, that she was veryVERY special.

Mark and Trixie lived in a run-down, very run-down, apartment in Fremont, the rent is $900, each paying half. I saw Mark yesterday, he doesn’t know what to do, he’s $500 behind on rent, the landlord said he was going to bring in a new roommate for Mark, which he’s very worried about, hoping the person does not do drugs, hoping that he is not a mean person. 

The next day, after Trixie died, the landlord came in and took the cat & dog that Mark & Trixie had, along with all of Trixie’s stuff, Mark was just standing in the middle of the room telling me he didn’t know what to do, that the landlord had no right to take the animals. 

On Monday we’ll begin calling around to see what we can find out about other housing for Mark and about the situation with his pets. Mark gets $741 per month & $166 in food stamps, he would love to move but feels trapped & alone, does not know what to do.

PLEASE send cards for Mark Kamb letting him know you are thinking about him and so sorry for the loss of his best friend Trixie. You can mail to the HinS office at 142 NW Canal Street, Seattle WA 98107.

Rest In Peace Trixie, you are LOVED dearly.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Most of you know Curtis Berry, he’s been in the Homeless in Seattle community from the beginning, starting about three years ago, he’s a goodGOOD man, inANDout out of housing, right now he’s out.

He’s also out $400.00. He was taken by a scam-artist, a man dressed up sharp, driving a black Cadillac Escalade, who asked Curtis if he wanted a job, said he needed to replace the man that quit, to which Curtis immediately said yes, that he wanted one real bad. 

This man took Curtis to McDonald’s for a meal, after some talk told him that he should open a separate bank account for his new income, didn’t want it to spoil the social security he was getting. 

Long story short, this man went to the bank with Curtis, gave him $10 to open a new account at Curtis’ bank, a short bit later gave him a check for $800.00 to deposit, a generous advance.

When Curtis deposited the check at the ATM the man watched over his shoulder and stole his account information, worse, Curtis learned later that the check had been written on one of his own checks, stolen from him when he went to the bathroom at McDonald’s. 

The next day Curtis found that all of his money was gone, just over $400.00, all withdrawn from his account. Curtis was distraught, he filed a report with the police and a complaint with Wells Fargo. 

What Curtis is really worried about is getting behind further on his storage locker rent, currently he’s two months behind, with late fees attached he owes $110.00. We’re going to talk tomorrow to see how we might be able to help him out.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex


Please meet Mary Williams of the Huna Tlingit people from Southeast Alaska, she is just as nice as nice can be, when she smiles you can’t help but feel happy! 

Mary is heading to Yakima to get into an alcohol treatment program, she says she is ready, she has a great deal of hope.

It was such a pleasure meeting you Mary, wishing you the very best in your new life journey!

Fremont neighborhood | Rex


Nearly every time I see Dave he has a new hat on; one of his friends says he thinks maybe Dave was born with a hat on.

The previous post was of Dave Tuesday last week, this one is from the day before on Monday. If you have have a groovy hat that you think Dave might like, please deliver or mail to us at 142 NW Canal Street, Seattle WA 98107. 

Here is the one thing, if there is a label, it needs to say made in the USA, Dave will not wear anything with a label saying made somewhere else. 

Let’s surprise Dave with beautiful hats, I know it will make him smile and feel loved. 

Fremont neighborhood | Rex


Dave Jarman comes in nearly everyday to give a smile, say hello, see how the office is holding up, sometimes gets a cup of coffee, always says, “Thank you, Thank you” in his deep and quiet voice.

Dave is a good man, andAND, nobody can wear a hat like he can!

Thanks for your beautiful friendship Dave.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex


Angel Perry is a lovely woman who is battling schizophrenia while living in a camper that is filthy and falling apart. 

She needs so many things it makes my heart hurt to just sit with her. Homeless in Seattle is interested in finding an advocate for Angel as she tries to plug back into the system to get the needed care she deserves. 

If you have time on your hands and would be interested to be this person, please call Rex at 206-632-7299. 

Angel also needs some size 9 tennis-shoes. 


Fremont neighborhood | Rex