Please meet Mary Williams of the Huna Tlingit people from Southeast Alaska, she is just as nice as nice can be, when she smiles you can’t help but feel happy! 

Mary is heading to Yakima to get into an alcohol treatment program, she says she is ready, she has a great deal of hope.

It was such a pleasure meeting you Mary, wishing you the very best in your new life journey!

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Nearly every time I see Dave he has a new hat on; one of his friends says he thinks maybe Dave was born with a hat on.

The previous post was of Dave Tuesday last week, this one is from the day before on Monday. If you have have a groovy hat that you think Dave might like, please deliver or mail to us at 142 NW Canal Street, Seattle WA 98107. 

Here is the one thing, if there is a label, it needs to say made in the USA, Dave will not wear anything with a label saying made somewhere else. 

Let’s surprise Dave with beautiful hats, I know it will make him smile and feel loved. 

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Dave Jarman comes in nearly everyday to give a smile, say hello, see how the office is holding up, sometimes gets a cup of coffee, always says, “Thank you, Thank you” in his deep and quiet voice.

Dave is a good man, andAND, nobody can wear a hat like he can!

Thanks for your beautiful friendship Dave.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Angel Perry is a lovely woman who is battling schizophrenia while living in a camper that is filthy and falling apart. 

She needs so many things it makes my heart hurt to just sit with her. Homeless in Seattle is interested in finding an advocate for Angel as she tries to plug back into the system to get the needed care she deserves. 

If you have time on your hands and would be interested to be this person, please call Rex at 206-632-7299. 

Angel also needs some size 9 tennis-shoes. 


Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Wes stops in for a visit, a quick hello, checks the stack of books he keeps here, shares something from his sensitive self, from his beautiful mind, then a few smiles, a shy laugh. 

Just before he leaves he locks eyes with you for a good meaningful amount of time and says, “Okay, thanks, I’m going to go, thanks.” Then another long look, and a, “Goodbye, see you soon.” He is a very sweet man.

LOVE to you Wes. Thank you for all the beauty of person you bring to our Homeless in Seattle community.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

A few days after Steve Hyde moved into his apartment, that is, a few days after having lived for 20 years on the street, it occurred to him to try out his mailbox key, just to make sure it worked. 

When he opened it up it was jammed full with letters so he right away shut it thinking he had somehow been given the wrong key. He started to walk to the office when he decided he should go back and check who the letters were addressed to, so he could identify whose key he’d been given. 

When he opened his mailbox again, and then saw his name on all the cards, he said his brain could hardly know what to do; he was shocked and then overcome with emotion.

Steve wants to let each and every person who wrote to him to know how much this meant; getting these letters filled his heart, he is so very grateful.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Please meet Ten Toes, he is 24 years old, of the Navajo Nation.

He’s been in Seattle for 3 years now, originally from Arizona, got in trouble there though, can’t go back until he’s 25. He has a gentle way about him, a calmness that invites you to easily like him. I asked how this happened, this being kicked out of Arizona, he said, “I can get in trouble when I drink.”

Right now Ten Toes is homeless, living outside in Ballard. He’s in real need of some size 10 ½ tennis shoes. If you can be of help he would be very appreciative. 

Big love to you Ten Toes in your life journey. I have a good feeling that things are about to get a whole lot better for you. 

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Wesley Green smiling beautiful after Sherri Dixon gave him a shave/haircut in the Homeless in Seattle office. 

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

With the blustery weather we’ve been having, our friend Mark Rice has been spending lots of time in the HinS office. 

He comes in with a hello, a little laugh, just hangs out, sitting quietly, offering up gentle observations and feelings, he’s a goodGOOD man with a beautiful smile.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Please meet Donny Cankar, he’s 40 yrs old, originally from Chicago, came to Seattle back in June of 2012 for a brief visit as part of a national tour to record street musicians. 

After funds were exhausted he returned to Seattle in September 2013, doing door to door sales for Frontier, which he was let go from after they said, “Cut your hair or get a job elsewhere.”

Donny has been homeless since then. He really needs a tent and a tarp, has been struggling with sleeping in doorways and other places with cover. 

ALSO, Donny is a musician, he hopes to get a few harmonicas for busking, to help make money while he looks for work. He could use an ‘A’, ‘C’, and or ‘D’, his favorite harmonica is a Lee Oskar.

Donny said he wants to have me record him playing and put it on the HinS site to THANKS those that helped him out. 

The HinS office is at 142 NW Canal Street, Seattle WA 98107. THANKS in ADVANCE for helping Donny, he’s a goodGOOD guy.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Whether we live inside in a home or outside on the street, we are all deserving to belong, to be loved. 

We are all BEAUTIFUL.

Love to you Mark, you have such a beautiful heart.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Imagine the worst job you’ve had, a place of no support, where you were ignored and people talked unfairly about you, or worse, a place where your self-esteem was constantly under attack. 

This is the job the homeless face everyday as they try to better their life, it is a constant up-hill battle, most are exhausted and beat down from it; please take a moment to be kind to those employed in the job of surviving.

Courtney came by to ask if we would sign as a third party verifying she is homeless, she is applying for transitional housing, trying desperately to get inside, she is tired of it all.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Jennifer swung the door open this morning smiling a big smile, saying, “Day eight and feeling great!” Then she shared that yesterday was really tough, that she spent most of the day in bed.

I gave her an envelope that Brooke Greiner dropped off for her; knowing Brooke, I’m sure there was something beautiful inside, some message of love and encouragement. THANK YOU Brooke for the heartful way you go through life.

Jennifer then read all of the comments written to her in the last post, all of you sending support and hope for her struggle with heroin. After sitting there for awhile, she turned to me and said, “My heart is really touched by seeing that there are so many people who care, I know I can do this.”

Today Dan Manus is coming to talk with Jennifer about getting into treatment, I know she is open to it, I hopeHOPE it happens.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

Please meet Sam Hollis, he lives in an RV in the Georgetown neighborhood, tucked between industrial buildings.

He says, “I can’t believe how nice those people are being, letting me park there, not calling the cops to have me ticketed and towed.

Then he shared, “When people look down on you, it gets you down, but I always try to treat them good no matter what.”

Such a pleasure meeting you Sam; you are beautiful.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

David Jarman came in today to say he got a van, big and red and ugly, but now he has a place to sleep again!

He had been sleeping out of his car but when it broke down and couldn’t fix it, he had to sell it, which meant he was back sleeping outside with nothing but a sleeping bag and tarp. 

He’s a pretty darn happy guy right now!

Fremont neighborhood | Rex